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We're Believers.
Imagination is a Lifestyle.
Give up sleep.


We strongly believe, regardless of the platform that there is always an innovative and effective method to create a unique presence, communicate it, sustain it and make it thrive.
Brandon Ideas Creative Agency is a multi-dimensional, boutique-style firm guided by a quest for the “unconventional”. Our achievement in planning strategies, implementing creative solutions and building successful brands supersedes the traditional and goes beyond the expected. 

Our team is your team! 

 We are a crew of visionary talent that thrives on a culture of innovation and authenticity. As a collaborative team, we are dedicated to supporting businesses with all their design, digital and marketing needs. 

Now you may ask, what makes our agency special? It’s simple. We are personal, creative and honest. We take our time to understand that every client is different by always pushing the boundaries to create a distinctive image and providing individual support.

Over the past few years, Brandon Ideas has developed an excellent reputation for having a constant hunger to reach new heights. Now, we might sound flamboyant yet we have a loyal and growing clientele to prove our competitive edge. We strongly believe, regardless of the platform that there is always innovative and effective methods to create a unique presence, communicate it, sustain it and make it thrive.

That is our mission at Brandon Ideas!


Blat Alghad Elections 2016
Blat El Ghad elections 2016
Jbeil Ahla Elections 2016
Jbeil Ahla
Karar Halat Elections 2016
CMC | Telecommunication
Crystal Mobile Communication (CMC)
rana travels
Rana is a girl who loves life, traveling and discovering the world. YOU are someone who likes to cease the moment and experience the unknown. For that reason, we created a fun logo to truly reflect yo...
Antoine Saliba | World of Jewelry | WEDDINGS
Antoine Saliba | World of Jewelry | WATCHES
Kilna Ghalboun Elections 2016
Kilna Ghalboun
BHV christmas 2015 tvc
Byblos Advanced Energy
Adma Heights
ASWJ golden stones
ASWJ diamond jewelry week
Avinox logo animation
BHV fall/winter 2015
Jbeil Christmas 2015 WEB
We developed the donation system by building APIs and the application; which both connect our servers to the local operators and send orders to the tree panel to light up and play music. Moreover, we ...
Jbeil Christmas Tree 2015
Through the everyday lives of the people who live or visit this glorious city, our Christmas tree concept was born. We're combining the old with the new; the symbols of Byblos with modernized tech; an...
Jbeil Christmas 2015
"Let there be light" is the concept behind christmas in Byblos this year.. We wanted to add up an element that brings smiles to those in need; afterall, Christmas is the season of giving, and we want ...
Antoine Saliba | World of Jewelry | Make Your Move
When creating a new ad for ASWJ, we focused on engagement rings. We create a layout that resembles a chess table and placed the king in the middle hugged by several diamond rings. The copy read "Make ...
Stand / Point of Sale
Bjorg TVC
Bjorg is an international brand of healthy products known and loved by so many people. When creating an animated TVC for their best selling products, we went in the direction of fresh, mouth watering ...
Domaine st Gabriel
The Domaine St.Gabriel wine brand is fruity and fresh; therefore, we aimed to give the brand a modern and unique, but fashionable and memorable look. We wanted to create something iconic, more than a ...
Staying true to VIVAD’s true message and image, we have come up with new campaign visuals. The statement has always been and will always be that VIVAD is not just another media outlet for brands to...
Antoine Saliba Website
Antoine Saliba is one of our longstanding valuable client partnerships. Services:Website Design, E-commerce, Development.
BHV Baggage Festival 2015
Staying true to BHV's identity, we formed a campaign that gets you packing your bags and ready to sail off to a sweet country far away! Promoting items, getting people in the mood for a vacation, and ...
BHV 6 Jours 2015
Massive sales call for massive visuals! Our clients, BHV, and ourselves believe in one thing; the bigger, the better! So when designing a campaign that revolves around the one thing people love the mo...
Royal Canin
There's no love like animal ! Besides the fact that working with Royal Canin and their adorable animal pictures, we're a company that truly believes in animals rights and Royal Canin's mission. We bra...
Gulf Energy App promo
We created a promotion for the Gulf Energy App focusing on the benefits of downloading a user friendly application that benefits customers by creating an easier lifestyle where the app guides them to ...
Byblos Bank Sioufi Branch animation
Made specially for the opening of the Byblos Bank Sioufi Branch. It's neat, and elegant and with a clear message that stays true to the Byblos Bank identity.
Adma71 is a residential project located in the heart of Adma. We created a user friendly webpage with a fresh feel, friendly tone, and modern look to market the apartments.
Byblos Bank Canopies
When creating canopies for Byblos Bank ATMs, we thought of safety, user friendly, and convenient ways to make the Bank customers feel relaxed and to create a well rounded experience for them.
Ghalboun Festival 2015
The Ghalboun Festival brings music, dancing, and joy to people from all over; so when we were asked to promote this event, we opted for electric blue and white to perfectly portray beauty, fun, and ma...
A unique brand like no other! Creating an identity for Quick Fish was quite the fun job! Inspired by everything marine, we came up with a neat, fun, and stan-out feel for the new hit sea food bar loca...
Griffe Graf
Griffe Graf, our new electrifying furniture manufacturers! When creating an identity for Griffe Graf, we thought long and hard, and could only circle around one idea: DIFFERENT! Th brand itself exudes...
JKD-Development Website
JK Development is one of the leading real estate development companies in the region; and in their website, we portray strength, evolvement and vision. The website is neat, clear, but with an architec...
TRIDENT website
When brainstorming for TRIDENT's website, we kept thinking of the color white. The color portrays the color of the teeth, freshness, and purity. Keeping that in mind, we developed a website that is cl...
Burger Bros. is the new burger joint created by two brothers with a love for food and special, tasty recipes. The logo is neat, clear but with many messages .The half sliced burger is also the let...
Alampharm Website
When creating Alampharm's website, we kept in mind three simple words: clean, clear, user friendly. When dealing with accounts whose sole purpose is human health and medications, we make it our missi...
Jbeil Municipality Webiste
Jbeil is our hometown, our ship and our shore. So when we developed the website for the municipality, we made sure that it portrayed the good the town does, and that it would be helpful and friendly t...
KASSAI, a sushi haven! With fun owners who have a passion for fresh food, and great vibes, creating an identity for KASSAI was a fun and creative process. Located in the heart of Jbeil, and with a mis...
Butler's Bottle
Well it's fun a concept, so what did you expect the packaging to be? The new ready made drinks from Butler's Bottle exude a party theme, and that's what we tried to do with the packaging!
The Byblos Burgundy Mall! The long awaited shopping center is finally up on its feet and we got the chance to brand it! Burgundy's identity is neat, clear, but full of color; to perfectly portray the ...
Frank Wurst Website
FrankWurst Hotdog, an in-house brand; Check out their awesome and animated Website design and development
Whitelace Resort Website
Whitelace Resort is a luxurious beachside hotel & spa. Services: Website Design & Content Management System Development.
Adma Heights
Adma Heights, the land on the rise. The logo perfectly portrays the project's signature with the mountains' curves and the round sun; the colors portray steadiness as well as the colors of nature. Thi...
Heaven Hotel Website
Heaven Hotel is a cute hotel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Services: Website Design & Development
Goutblanc Website
Goutblanc is a dairy company that holds goat based dairy products. Services: Website Design & Development
CCJ 50 Years Of Excellence
50 years of excellence need an excellent identity and that's what we aimed for when creating this brand. With royal colors, fonts, and backgrounds, this brand exudes royalty, excellence, and and ever ...
BHV Mother's Day & Jeita
BHV Promotional Campaign for Mother's Day & Jeita Location Services: Concept Development, Promotional Material, and Advertising Campaign Design
BHV Catalogue & Signs
BHV Catalogue and in-store Signage Services: Concept Development and Layout Design
Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry
Antoine Saliba is one of our longstanding valuable client partnerships. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Packaging, Commercial Space Branding, Signage & Wayfinding System, Uniform/Vehicle Bra...
BHV | French Follies Campaign
BHV Outdoor Advertising Campaign called French Follies Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material & Catalog Design
The latest outdoor campaign designed for Moulinex and inspired by the upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon. Services: Advertising, Creative Concept & Copywriting.
BHV: Les 6 Jours Campaign
BHV Outdoor Advertising Campaign called Les 6 Jours Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material, Advertising Campaign & Motion Graphics.
Byblos Bank Event in Collaboration with our inhouse mobile app I LOVE BYBLOS. Services: Promotional Material and Adverting Campaign.
The first uniquely designed fine hotdog caravan that quickly shaped the industry of Lebanese food trucks. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Company/Product Naming, Creative Concepts, Packaging...
Byblos Christmas Tree 2014
We created, produced and displayed one of the most talked about Christmas Trees in the World located in the heart of the ancient Phoenician City, Byblos. Press Release by THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL | Agen...
Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry Ad
Antoine Saliba the World of Jewelry, checkout the short animation for their grand opening! Services: Concept Creation & Animation.
Linkers Group Ads for Maytag & Hyundai
Advertising campaign for home appliances and an electronics retailer. Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material & Advertising Campaign.
VIVAD Ad Campaign
It’s an outdoor advertising company currently part of MEIG Holding SAL, a leading media group with several subsidiary companies. Services: Concept Creation & Advertising Campaign.
Jbeil City new corporate identity! We preserved the historic Arabic aspect of the identity and added a modern and new design reflecting the beauty of Byblos as a city on the Mediterranean Sea.
BHV: Back to School Campaign
BHV Outdoor Advertising Campaign for the Back to School Season Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material, Animation & Advertising Campaign.
Brandon's approach for this international case brand was very sharp. The layout of the mobile app is sleek, elegant and user friendly. When working with a world wide brand that offers a product for ev...
Erga Greeting Card
When working with a company that is basically all about design; something as simple as a greeting card has to remain true to the company's identity. With these cards, we shed away from the basics and ...
The Seek app is a fun, daring, and head scratching game that is entertaining for anyone who wants to test his/her knowledge. This mobile app is user friendly, fun, and available for everyone to enjoy....
Al Ahmar Metal Website
It's only logical that we incorporate this company's main service in their website; and that's metal. The website is a complete portrayal of strength and strength; which are the qualities that best de...
CHRE Website
When creating a website for a real estate and design company, all we could think of was simplicity yet creativity. The perfectly structured website oozes professionalism, but with a modern twist.
CCJ Website
When logging on to a school's website, one wants to recognize order, yet also feel a little sense of comfort without all the overwhelming duties that walk hand in hand with school. This website is a p...
ODEON Music Website
Music is one of the oldest art form to ever exist, and classical music has been enjoyed by millions of people since the beginning of time; therefore, it is only natural that when designing Odeon's web...
Club Central Website
Club Central has been nominated as one of the high-standard, fully-equipped clubs since the early 90's; therefore, when coming up with a digital mood, our direction sailed through neat, fresh, with a ...
RLC Radio Website
Radio stations are always fun and entertaining and this website perfectly portrays that. With loud colors and a fun layout, this style is perfect for a radio station.
DALIA Catering Website
Dalia Catering has been offering a gourmet dining experience on Lebanese as well as international cuisines, combining a professional service with an outstanding taste since 1990. When creating a websi...
HAWAT Trading Website
Hawat Trading Company is a leading importer and exporter of wooden products in Lebanon. For this website, we went with a wooden feel that portrays the services the company offers.
Launched only a few years ago; Zinaline is considered today a new born company in the kitchens industry field; and that's why when creating their website, we opted for a fresh and modern feel.
AVINOX is a company that provides all catering material. Coming up with an identity was a fun and creative process. We integrated a cloche which is used in catering. The identity is neat with a twist....
Antoine Saliba Mobile Website
We designed and developed the Antoine Saliba Mobile Version of the Website.
Rim Water Services: Logo Uplifting Proposition, Branding Material, Vehicle/Uniform Branding.
ERGA is one of the leading regional & internationally recognized Architecture & Design Firms. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform/Vehicle, Branding Development.
Whitelace Resort & Spa
Whitelace Resort is a luxurious beachside hotel & spa. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform Branding, Signage, Way finding System, Commercial Space Branding, Menu Design.
Goûtblanc from the Whitefarm
Goutblanc products of the White Farm are delicious and all natural goat dairy products. Services: Company/Product Naming, Slogan Creation, Corporate Identity, Packaging Design, Vehicle/Employee Unifor...
Antoine Saliba Now Open Ad
Antoine Saliba, World of Jewelry, is one of our longstanding valuable client partnerships. Services: Advertising Campaigns, TVC & Client Growth.
A local poultry company founded in 1957. Services: Editorial Design & Advertising.
Le Merlot Website
Le Merlot is a boutique hotel in Togo. We created and developed their Website.
Byblos! A World Heritage Site
Byblos is a magnificent ancient Phoenician city recognized as a spectacular world heritage destination holding some of the world’s oldest historical ruins on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Chec...
I ♥ BYBLOS is a mobile application that we branded, created and developed in collaboration with the city of Jbeil to promote tourism and provide information to the local people.
La Bodega
The new fine dining restaurant in Byblos offering you a fusion of traditional Argentinean and Spanish flavors. Services: Corporate Identity, Menu Design, Uniform Designs & Restaurant Branding Material...
Hôpital N.D. Maritime
Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Nametags, Vehicle/Uniform Branding, Signage, Way finding System & Commercial Space Branding.
Happouts Event Mobile App
Happouts is a social platform and mobile app for all event lovers to gather, search, share, and create events all over the world. Services: Corporate Identity, Animation & Concept Development.
FPI is a top packaging company so when coming up with an identity, all we could think of was neat, simple and packaged-like! Thus, the creation of FPI. An identity that shows everlasting trust with a ...
Mon Maki A Moi is all about Sushiii!!! Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Menu/Packaging Design, Restaurant Branding Material.
Brinol Washing Detergent. Services: Packaging Design.
Garden House is a friendly Cafe/Restaurant located inside the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of Byblos Wagon Park. Services: Brand Identity, Stationary, Menu Design, Uniform Design & Promotional ...
BHV Christmas TVC 2014
BHV Christmas T.V. Commercial 2014 Services: Motion Graphics, Advertising, Creative Concept and Animation.
Whitelace Resort & Spa
Whitelace is a luxurious beachside hotel & spa. Services: Advertising Campaign.
MON MAKI A MOI Advertising
Mon Maki a Moi is an adorable sushi cafe. Services: Advertising Campaigns.
BHV F/W 2014 TVC
BHV Fall and Winter of 2014 Television Commercial. Services: Concept, Animation/Motion Graphics.
Got Riddim? An awesome night club and awesome identity for those with a BEAT! Services: Brand Identity, Promotional Material & Interior Mood.
Bakalian Advertising Campaign
Bakalian Flour Mills 1908 Services: Advertising Campaign
BHV Independence Sale 2014 TVC
BHV Independence Day sale Television Commercial for 2014. Services: Advertising Concept, Motion Graphics & Animation.
Medstone Advertisements
MEDSTONE a prominent Investment & Property company. Services: Advertising Campaign.
Ghalboun Advertising
Ghalboun Albal is a unique Lebanese village that hosts an annual festival! Services: Advertising Campaign and Promotional Material
Le Merlot
Le Merlot is an adorable Boutique Hotel in Togo. We created their branding identity and all their promotional material.
FEC is a consulting and engineering company. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform & Vehicle Branding.
Fête De La Music
An Annual Music Festival! Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform/Vehicle Branding & Advertising Campaign.
This branding can’t get any hotter than this Grill Bar, Mashawish! Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Vehicle Branding, & Restaurant Packaging Material.
Flour Mills Established in 1908. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform/Vehicle Branding, Packaging & Company Material.
Real Deal
A shopping outlet mall. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform/Vehicle Branding, Promotional Material & Store Signage.
Animals have to eat too. Houkoulouna produces animal feed & agricultural products! Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Packaging & Uniform/Vehicle Branding.
Cottage Chic Advertisement
Cottage Chic a full service restaurant with fresh and healthy twist. Services: Concept & Advertising Campaign.
SPORTS CITY by President Michel Sleiman
Sports Center by the President of Lebanon Michel Sleiman. Services: Corporate Identity, Promotional Material, Sports Arena/Commercial Space Branding.
BHV Gift Card
BHV Gift Card Design and Branding
Inhouse, a home furnishing & accessories gallery. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Signage & Vehicle Branding.
Margherita Chiaramonte
The exquisite and truly elegant fashion brand. Born in Italy. Made in Lebanon. Services: Creative Development, Corporate Identity, Product Labels, Tags, Mood/Theme, Business Cards, Packaging Design.
Amchit Club
Our improved new logo for Amchit Sporting Club still includes the main concept of the girl holding the ball and the boy holding the flame, only our modern design is simpler and more vivid. Services: B...
FEC Website
FEC Consultants & Engineering Company. Services: Website Design & Development.
MEDSTONE is a company specialising in investment, real estate properties and development services. Services: Corporate Identity/Branding
Ghalboun Albal
Ghalboun Albal is a unique Lebanese village where we created a unique new branding identity with an authentic style and modern twist! Services: Corporate Identity, Creative Concept, Promotional Materi...
Le Micro
Le Micro is a sound equipment company. Services: Corporate Identity and Branding Material.
Jbeil Christmas Advertising Campaign
Papparoti Advertising Campaign for the "home of the original coffee bun".
This was Jbeil Municipal board's campaign in 2010! Guess who won the elections? Services: Advertising Campaign & Promotional Material.
Brandon Christmas Greeting 2014
We wished our clients a Happy Holidays in a cute little animation! The video portrays our services through a clever and fun way by explaining how Santa Claus has brilliant Branding & Marketing charac...
Cottage Chic
Cottage Chic is a healthy and friendly restaurant with a fresh and light twist. Services: Corporate Identity, Restaurant Branding and Promotional Material.
Christmas Byblos 2013
Christmas Decoration Concept Creation and Execution.
Antoine Saliba Advertising Campaigns
Antoine Saliba The World of Jewelry is one of our longstanding client partnerships. Check out some of their advertising campaigns.
Check out the Christmas Season facades designed for Megamart, home appliances retail company. Services: Advertising Campaign.
The new coffee shop in town! Take a look at Mountain Mudd's Advertising Campaign.
Chidiac RE is a real estate and architecture design company providing a friendly and professional service that is portrayed in their new corporate identity.
Antoine Saliba Loyalty Mobile Application
We designed and developed the Antoine Saliba Mobile Application for their client loyalty program. Available on the Google Play and Apple Store.
Linkers Group Ads for Maytag
MAYTAG Point-of-Sale and Promotional Material
I ♥ BYBLOS is a mobile application that we branded, created and developed in collaboration with the city of Jbeil to promote tourism and provide information to the local people.
BHV | Home Sweet Home Campaign
BHV Outdoor Advertising Campaign called Home Sweet Home Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material & Advertising Campaign.
Cherbel Bakhos is a home appliances business. Services: Corporate Identity and Branding Material.
Citycom is a telecommunication store, check out its branding identity.
Power Mechanix & Industry derived from the name we created a branding identity that holds an industrial, powerful and bold identity.
ECM is a Maintenance and Construction company that needed a friendly yet industrial branding identity.
Georges Mouanes Website
Georges Mouanes & Co. is a Lebanese company providing premium quality farm food supplies. We created their website design and developed it.
Byblos Public Park
Byblos Public Park, we created a simple and fun branding identity with a fun, fresh and simple appeal. Services: Corporate Identity
Sfeir Engineering and Construction needed a bright and bold identity. Services: Corporate Identity and Company Branded Material.
Heaven Hotel
Heaven Hotel is a cute hotel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Services: Corporate Identity and Branding Material.
Dalia is catering company. We created a classic and professional branding identity to represent what they stand for.
Wavylime is a telecommunication store, check out its full corporate identity.
Arab Building Materials is a company providing all kinds of building material for construction purposes. Check out their new corporate identity.
The new fashion line for men. Check out the full identity and branding of Sergio Lima men's fashion wear.
Hawat Contracting Company is a leading contracting company with a vast experience in residential and commercial centers. Check out their corporate identity.
World Rally Championship/Regional Rally Championship mobile application keeps you posted on all the latest updates and information of local, regional and international rally races. Designed and develo...
Al Ahmar Metal specializes in all kinds of metal services from manufacturing to shaping and recycling. Check out their corporate identity.
Aleph is a boutique hotel composed of 3 floors, each characterized by a unique style and mood. The first floor is a harmonious blend of various destinations from around the world. The second floor ass...
A fun advertising campaign for the kitchen manufacturers.
Posters made for the Basketball Team of BYBLOS SPORTING CLUB in the LEBANESE League for 2012-2013
Zinaline kitchen factory has been recently introduced to the Lebanese market as a company that manufactures customised kitchen designs. Its corporate identity is neat and simple.
Check out the new branding of Cookery restaurant! As simple as it gets...
New released collection by Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry.
Jbeil Municipality Campaign This campaign was intended as a sequel to "Jbeil A7la" municipal elections campaign. It was created a year after the initial one to emphasize the same idea and also state ...
Julie's Kitchen
The new concept introduced to the Lebanese market, with ready meals soon available in supermarkets. Check it out!
Gatasteel, from its name, it is a steel company. Check out its heavy-duty branding identity!
Byblos Christmas Greeting Card
Christmas greeting cards for BYBLOS SPORTING CLUB 2012.
Radio Liban Culture is a lebanese radio station broadcasting music, culture and arts. Check out its identity.
Check out the corporate identity conceived for Viveal Software by Brandon!
L'empreinte is a unisex fashion jewelry and accessories brand. Check it out!
Paris du Gout, French gastronomy at its finest! Check out the delicious identity and branding!
Fire Extinguisher for Byblos Security Group
Promotional items offered by Byblos Security Group to their clients for the Holiday Season 2012!
The authentic sailor bar located in Byblos overlooking the old port, offering mouthwatering cocktails and treats!
Landscape Designer & Executor. Check out Myriam's identity.
Frank Wurst is a fun product! Here's the ad introducing the new "light" sandwich to their menu.
Alephbet is a museum that will be located in Byblos, that is still under construction for the time being. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Vehicle Branding
ABI Services Company provides companies with solutions to ensure their employees' comfort and well-being. Check out their corporate identity!
Peridot is a women's clothing brand by Swedish designer Hana Mijwel for the sophisticated, classy, and modern woman. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Packaging Design, Product Labels.
Georges Mouanes & Co. is a Lebanese company providing premium quality farm food supplies. We created a corporate identity intended to reflect its deep-rooted origins in the field. Services: Corporate ...
Uncle Tannous is a Lebanese fish restaurant. We created an authentic and vintage identity for it. Services: Brand Identity
Clovis is a fine dining French restaurant located in Aleph Boutique Hotel, it depicts the art of the french cuisine. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Menu Design, Uniform Design, Interior Sig...
In the good times of APRIL
It's a cozy and relaxing pub/resto located in the heart of the Phoenician ruins near the Mediterranean coast in Jbeil. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Vehicle/Uniform Branding, Packaging, Me...
Byblos Sporting Club needed a new identity to depict the energetic and young athletic spirit of the club. Services: Concept Creation, Corporate Identity, Vehicle/Uniform Branding Material.
La Finestra is a cafe trottoir located in the Aleph Boutique Hotel, Byblos. It's all about typography! Services: Corporate Identity, Menu Design, & Restaurant Branding Material.
Capital Property Management is a full service management and maintenance company that serves all types of commercial and residential properties. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Promotional M...
MAGS is an unconventional law firm located in Paris, France. Services: Branding/Website Design.
The exquisite Wine Festival event taking place in Byblos! Let's make a toast to that! Services: Brand Identity, Promotional Material, Event Concept & Advertising Campaign.
Raynproof is a company specialized in water proof materials and services. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Promotional Material, Vehicle/Uniform & Commercial Space Branding.
Happy Bee is a children's play center. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform & Commercial Space Branding.
Tot Ou Tard is a friendly Cafe/Restaurant with a retro twist. Packaging Design, Restaurant Branding Material, Placemat, Corporate Identity, Stationary, & Vehicle Branding.
ABI Qatar website
abi Qatar website design and development.
Bassem Sfeir Est. is a mechanical and electrical contracting firm. Services: Brand Identity, Stationary, Vehicle Branding & Website Design.
Byblos Valet Parking is a private valet parking company. Services: Corporate Identity, Business Card & Uniform Branding.
Formation Generale de Construction (FGC) is a construction company. Services: Brand Identity, Stationary, Vehicle Branding
Alampharm is a pharmaceutical company. Services: Brand Identity, Stationary, Brochure, Vehicle Branding, Promotional Material.
3WF is a company specialized in creating fencing systems and designs. Services: Brand Identity, Stationary, Brochure, Vehicle Branding, & Website Design.
Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry established a supportive campaign for "Arabs Got Talent" Contestant Maxim Chamy. We used Maxim's curl as his trademark. Services: Brand Identity, Stationary, Marketing ...
MEK is an electro-mechanical contracting company. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary & Vehicle Branding.
Techni-Tools is a company that provides tools for technicians. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Promotional Material, Uniform & Vehicle Branding.
Katia Harb Christmas CD
A special CD for Katia Harb's Christmas Carols. Check out the cover!
ECM Website
ECM website layout design and development.


Client Engagement
  • Account Strategy
  • Budget & Timeline Supervision
  • Constant Client Support
  • Production & Execution Guidance
  • Partnership Growth

Design Services
  • Corporate Identity/Branding
  • Event Branding
  • Editorial Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Commercial Space/POS Design
  • Product & Packaging Design

Digital Services
  • Website Design & Development
  • Domain Purchasing & Hosting Support
  • Email & Analytics Setup
  • Mobile Application Design & Development
  • Motion Graphics & Animation

  • Story-telling & Concept Creation 
  • Content Development
  • Company/Product Naming
  • Slogan Creation
  • Product Labeling
  • Company Profiles
  • Content for Social Media & Web Profiles

Marketing & Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Promotional Concepts & Loyalty Programs
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Advertising Concepts & Slogans
  • Integrated Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Planning & Buying

Our Clients


We are personal, creative and honest. As a team, we take our time to understand that every client is different and always push the boundaries to create a distinctive image.

Jad Semaan
Branding & Design Director
Our creative director and Godfather. Jad is the leader of Brandon. He inspires our creative team to develop high-level concepts for design projects.
Cynthia Khalife
Business Development Manager
Cynthia, our dynamic and energetic Business Development Manager. She has the power to keep the work flowing and the smiles going.
Rouwa Keyrouz
Senior Account Executive
The link between our clients and our creative team, let’s just say Rouwa sure knows how to keep things on track!
Renée Nicole Nassif
Regional Account Manager
With her excellent communication skills, impeccable attention for detail, and undeniable charm, Renée always finds ways to challenge our team and keep us in sync with the clients.
Magda Hosri
Account Executive
Magda's lively personality and vibrant way with clients create a recipe for a great Account Executive.
Georges Khoury
Production Manager
With an energetic personality, and a knack for creation; George is the one man show that makes the teams' lives much easier.
Marina Wardan
Community Manager
Social media is taking over the world and our Community Manager, Marina, loves to take part in World Domination. With a creative mind and a knack for on line marketing, the shoe fits perfectly !
Hassan Sioufi
Senior Software Engineer
Our Software Engineer, Hassan has extensive experience in engineering and developing products for diverse applications. In other words, when technology gets in the way, Hassan is our Superhero!
Joe El Yahchouchi
Software Engineer
Codes & Theories! Joe is the expert in developing Content Management Systems for websites and mobile apps!
Doumith Aoukar
Mobile Developer
When it comes to developing an iOS or Android Mobile Application, Doumith is our native genius!
Harout Ghazarian
Community Manager
Our highly energetic digital expert! When it comes to online marketing solutions, Harout stands out in building, growing and managing online communities!
Maya Saad
Maya is our talented conceptual copywriter who always amazes us with her new ideas and catchy insights!
Joe El Helou
Branding & Digital Director
Our design prodigy! Joe is an amazing designer, highly innovative and a strong communicator who never ceases to impress us.
Michele Khalife El Khoury
Creative Designer
When it comes to originality, Michele is a pioneer! A highly motivated designer with a creative flair and a strong visual sense, Michele keeps an eye on trends and knows what’s “hot” and what’s not.
Cynthia Iskandar
Creative Designer
An extremely talented visual communicator! Cynthia creates design solutions with high visual impact, adding her own unique flair to each project!
Johnny Dagher
Motion Graphics Designer
Our awesome animator! Johnny is our expert in 2D motion graphics with a specialty in creating animated infographics.
Christian Wehbe
3D Artist
A talented artist in the computer graphics industry, Christian certainly knows how to get the best out of the picture!

Contact Us

2nd Floor, SGBL Building, Byblos
Downtown, Lebanon
P: (+961)-9-54 56 68
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