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We're Believers.
Imagination is a Lifestyle.
Give up sleep.


We strongly believe, regardless of the platform that there is always an innovative and effective method to create a unique presence, communicate it, sustain it and make it thrive.
Brandon Ideas Creative Agency is a multi-dimensional, boutique-style firm guided by a quest for the “unconventional”. Our achievement in planning strategies, implementing creative solutions and building successful brands supersedes the traditional and goes beyond the expected. 

Our team is your team! 

 We are a crew of visionary talent that thrives on a culture of innovation and authenticity. As a collaborative team, we are dedicated to supporting businesses with all their design, digital and marketing needs. 

Now you may ask, what makes our agency special? It’s simple. We are personal, creative and honest. We take our time to understand that every client is different by always pushing the boundaries to create a distinctive image and providing individual support.

Over the past few years, Brandon Ideas has developed an excellent reputation for having a constant hunger to reach new heights. Now, we might sound flamboyant yet we have a loyal and growing clientele to prove our competitive edge. We strongly believe, regardless of the platform that there is always innovative and effective methods to create a unique presence, communicate it, sustain it and make it thrive.

That is our mission at Brandon Ideas!


Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry
Antoine Saliba | World of Jewelry is one of our longstanding valuable client partnerships. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Packaging, Commercial Space Branding, Signage & Wayfinding System,...
Byblos Bank ATM
Byblos Bank ATM Machine Branding and Design
The latest outdoor campaign designed for Moulinex and inspired by the upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon. Services: Advertising, Creative Concept & Copywriting.
BHV: Les 6 Jours Campaign
BHV Outdoor Advertising Campaign called Les 6 Jours Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material, Advertising Campaign & Motion Graphics.
Byblos Bank Event in Collaboration with our inhouse mobile app I LOVE BYBLOS. Services: Promotional Material and Adverting Campaign.
Byblos Christmas Tree 2014
We created, produced and displayed one of the most talked about Christmas Trees in the World located in the heart of the ancient Phoenician City, Byblos. Press Release by THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL | Agen...
The first uniquely designed fine hotdog caravan that quickly shaped the industry of Lebanese food trucks. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Company/Product Naming, Creative Concepts, Packaging...
VIVAD Ad Campaign
It’s an outdoor advertising company currently part of MEIG Holding SAL, a leading media group with several subsidiary companies. Services: Concept Creation & Advertising Campaign.
Antoine Saliba World of Jewelry Ad
Antoine Saliba the World of Jewelry, checkout the short animation for their grand opening! Services: Concept Creation & Animation.
Linkers Group Ads for Maytag & Hyundai
Advertising campaign for home appliances and an electronics retailer. Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material & Advertising Campaign.
BHV: Back to School Campaign
BHV Outdoor Advertising Campaign for the Back to School Season Services: Creative Concept, Promotional Material, Animation & Advertising Campaign.
Jbeil City new corporate identity! We preserved the historic Arabic aspect of the identity and added a modern and new design reflecting the beauty of Byblos as a city on the Mediterranean Sea.
ERGA is one of the leading regional & internationally recognized Architecture & Design Firms. Services: Corporate Identity, Stationary, Uniform/Vehicle, Branding Development.
Rim Water Services: Logo Uplifting Proposition, Branding Material, Vehicle/Uniform Branding.
Byblos! A World Heritage Site
Byblos is a magnificent ancient Phoenician city recognized as a spectacular world heritage destination holding some of the world’s oldest historical ruins on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Chec...


Client Engagement
  • Account Strategy
  • Budget & Timeline Supervision
  • Constant Client Support
  • Production & Execution Guidance
  • Partnership Growth

Design Services
  • Corporate Identity/Branding
  • Event Branding
  • Editorial Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Commercial Space/POS Design
  • Product & Packaging Design

Digital Services
  • Website Design & Development
  • Domain Purchasing & Hosting Support
  • Email & Analytics Setup
  • Mobile Application Design & Development
  • Motion Graphics & Animation

  • Story-telling & Concept Creation 
  • Content Development
  • Company/Product Naming
  • Slogan Creation
  • Product Labeling
  • Company Profiles
  • Content for Social Media & Web Profiles

Marketing & Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Promotional Concepts & Loyalty Programs
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Advertising Concepts & Slogans
  • Integrated Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Planning & Buying

Our Clients


We are personal, creative and honest. As a team, we take our time to understand that every client is different and always push the boundaries to create a distinctive image.

Jad Semaan
Branding & Design Director
Our creative director and Godfather. Jad is the leader of Brandon. He inspires our creative team to develop high-level concepts for design projects.
Joe Abi Akl
Senior Management Consultant
Our Senior Consultant, with over 10 years of international experience in strategy development and management consulting. Joe holds an MBA from INSEAD and is indisputably a go-to-guy in his field.
Renée Nicole Nassif
Regional Account Manager
With her excellent communication skills, impeccable attention for detail, and undeniable charm, Renée always finds ways to challenge our team and keep us in sync with the clients.
Rouwa Keyrouz
Senior Account Executive
The link between our clients and our creative team, let’s just say Rouwa sure knows how to keep things on track!
Hassan Sioufi
Senior Software Engineer
Our Software Engineer, Hassan has extensive experience in engineering and developing products for diverse applications. In other words, when technology gets in the way, Hassan is our Superhero!
Joe El Yahchouchi
Software Engineer
Codes & Theories! Joe is the expert in developing Content Management Systems for websites and mobile apps!
Doumith Aoukar
Mobile Developer
When it comes to developing an iOS or Android Mobile Application, Doumith is our native genius!
Magda Hosri
Community Manager
Social media is taking over the world and our Community Manager, Magda, loves to take part in World Domination. With a creative mind and a knack for on line marketing, the shoe fits perfectly !
Harout Ghazarian
Community Manager
Our highly energetic digital expert! When it comes to online marketing solutions, Harout stands out in building, growing and managing online communities!
Maya Saad
Maya is our talented conceptual copywriter who always amazes us with her new ideas and catchy insights!
Joe El Helou
Creative Designer
Our design prodigy! Joe is an amazing designer, highly innovative and a strong communicator who never ceases to impress us.
Michele Khalife El Khoury
Creative Designer
When it comes to originality, Michele is a pioneer! A highly motivated designer with a creative flair and a strong visual sense, Michele keeps an eye on trends and knows what’s “hot” and what’s not.
Cynthia Iskandar
Creative Designer
An extremely talented visual communicator! Cynthia creates design solutions with high visual impact, adding her own unique flair to each project!
Johnny Dagher
Motion Graphics Designer
Our awesome animator! Johnny is our expert in 2D motion graphics with a specialty in creating animated infographics.
Christian Wehbe
3D Artist
A talented artist in the computer graphics industry, Christian certainly knows how to get the best out of the picture!

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Downtown, Lebanon
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